About me

My name is Uyen, becoming a grad student in Environmental science is my hard major job :), but it’s my dream so I must pursue whatever there is many challenges keep coming up.  Although I am very busy with school stuff, creations and doing craft’s things  are always in my side. I love craft-ing, decorat-ing and…playing with papers, colors, textures, patterns…I can do these things with all my exciting and happiness even through my schedule is full for school and research, so I have to  create extra  time for me everyday so that I can do my favorable things. And luckily, I have by side my hubby who is always encourage and  help me other  chores then I can have more time for my own hobbies. I am happy with my family … we wanna have a baby soon. We are also very interesting in photography.

About” EdYo”, the name that we created since 6 years ago… This is actually my husband and mine’s nick name,”Erik” & “Yo”, then I came up with an inspiration with slogan: Enjoy design Your own…where we wanna share all our inspiration and creations to you.

Uyen Ng.


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  1. Posted by Thao-doremi on December 15, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    Nice site^^


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