Season’s Greetings

Last  night, I and my hubby were chilling with our close friends . We had fun time with chicken wings, Vietnamese spring rolls and mix cocktail (made by our friends, it’s cool… you can order any kind of drinks in the book and he can made it for you… hahaha).And then watched movie and played  X’Box Game 🙂

Ok time for a card /day. …Just wanna share with you another Christmas card. It’s hard to say  it’s nice or not ’cause all ornaments or snowflake  patterns I have to draw by myself, so It’s not so clear and sharp. Anyways, it’s my fun, my creation 🙂 You wanna take a look?

Ok, It’s Monday… I have to be back to my regular schedule with my research and reading 🙂 haizaaa… I will write more when I get home tonight 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog 🙂

Have a great one ,

Uyen Ng.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Your card looks great. I love making cards too and have made all my Christmas cards this year and even sold 8-very exciting! I have asked my family to band together to buy me a Cuttlebug machine for Christmas and can’t wait to use it and get some lovely embossing done.
    Enjoy your Christmas preparations and have a wonderful time celebrating Jesus’ birth


    • It’s true. I am very exciting to make cards, i told my hubby that I could make forever and never get boring with this kind of work . You family are so nice, That’s cool . Congrats , you will have a new toy for making more lovely cards.


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